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How to Be a Dependable Parent During a Custody Case

When you are undergoing a divorce or custody battle, the welfare of your child is likely at the top of your mind. No matter what you are going through emotionally, you know that your child is also going through a lot.
In order to ensure that you win custody, you must demonstrate that you will be a healthy parent who can offer your child a loving and protective home. This guide will help you demonstrate that you are a strong candidate for custody of your child, whether it is joint or full.
Create a Strong Sense of Physical Well-Being in Your Home
One of the key factors involved in establishing custody is in demonstrating that your home is good for the child's physical health and well-being. Can you provide healthy, fulfilling meals for the child each day? Are you able to establish a solid sleeping routine for the child? Will the home be consistent? Make efforts to provide these elements for your child’s physical comfort.
Provide an Emotionally Healthy Environment
The courts want to ensure that a child has a healthy relationship with both parents whenever possible. For this reason, judges look favorably upon parents who will help to facilitate such relationships. Showing willingness to work with the other parent can go a long way in reassuring the courts you are a good parent.
You must also avoid talking poorly about the other parent involved. This has emotional detriments for your child that the courts may take note of.
Use All Visitation Available to You
Demonstrate that you use the time given to you wisely. Avoid passing on any visitation, especially during the course of a custody battle. This may set a precedent that you will not be a reliable parent.
This also means not arriving late for pick-ups and drop-offs. Keep to the schedule presented to you so that you can provide your child with stability and how the court that you are dependable.
Demonstrate Proper Courtroom Decorum
Much of custody disputes revolve around perception because the judge is not able to follow you around to see what kind of person you are. This means you need to focus on dressing well and arriving early for court. Present yourself as favorably as possible.
Be Proactive
As a parent going to court, you never want to appear passive. The judge may see this as action demonstrating that you do not care much about the outcome of the trial. Rather, demonstrate that you are a committed parent. File documents first when necessary, and hire a lawyer to show that you are trying your hardest.
Avoid Moving In With a Significant Other
Stability is a key component in ensuring the psychological and physical well-being of a child. Avoid moving in with a significant other during a custody case, as this may present an environment that does not seem stable to the courts. Children are already undergoing turmoil during a divorce or custody proceeding, and the court will look to minimize this as much as possible.
Avoid Moving Away From the Child
The closer you can stay to the family home, the better. Try to stay in the family home whenever possible. If you have to move, avoid leaving the child's school district, as this is especially difficult to reconcile with the courts. Again, the courts will want to see that the child has as much stability as is possible during this trying time.
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