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Legal Options for Divorce and Pregnancy

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A divorce is a challenging thing no matter when it occurs, but stress and anxiety may increase when the proceedings take place while you are pregnant. Pregnancy is a huge life change, and adding a divorce on top of it creates a number of additional challenges.
While going through the divorce, you have a number of legal options to consider before the child is born. The ability to make agreements and have a proper plan in place will help both you and your former spouse as you prepare for your baby's arrival.
Get the legal help you need and understand the various available options as you try to finalize the divorce while pregnant.
Legal Separation
As you go through a divorce, a child custody and support payment option may not be possible until the baby is actually born. Since this will hinder your divorce, another option to consider during the pregnancy is a legal separation.
A legal separation has multiple benefits to consider until you fully apply for a divorce. One of the benefits is shared healthcare insurance. While you are still legally separated, both partners are still covered by healthcare. The health insurance is essential for multiple doctor's visits and the final birth at the hospital if this is where it takes place.
You do not need to worry about the financial aspects while still taking the proper steps to lead to a final divorce once the baby is born and the child has their own health insurance coverage.
Birth Plan
As you go through a divorce, things may get complicated for the baby's arrival. You and your spouse can set up a birth plan so both parents understand the process that will occur after the baby is born. For example, the father of the child may choose to have a specific amount of bonding time with baby after the child is born.
A birth plan may also expand to include family visits, mediators present in the room, and other factors to help the birth go as smoothly as possible. The health and happiness of the baby should be placed first before anything else, and the assistance of a lawyer may help both sides put aside their feelings for the better.
Child Custody & Visitation
A newborn's care and needs are very different than those of an older child, and these factors need to be considered when working on a child custody and visitation plan. If a child is breastfeeding, a temporary plan should be set in place so the child may nurse as needed. For example, the father may get his own room or space in the home so the partners are separated but will still be there to take care of the child.
Special hours may also be set so the parents alternate overnight sessions or one parent takes the daytime while the other one takes the night. Every situation is different, but there are many ways to set up a plan where the baby is being taken care of while the parents have minimal contact with each other.
After the first six months or so, a lawyer can rearrange the agreement to adapt to the baby and their changing needs.
Other Children
If you and your partner have other children, this is another factor to consider for your divorce settlement. The custody arrangement you set up for an older child may act as a blueprint for the child being born. By following this path, things become less complicated as the baby grows older and you and your partner will already have a plan set in place.
A smooth transition for the baby goes a long way and in having a happy child, whether you're divorced or not.
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