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A Skilled Guardianship Lawyer in Indianapolis

The decision over the care and placement of a child is one that can affect the future of all parties involved. Our legal team realizes the seriousness of the situation, and we'll work to make sure that our client's rights and the rights of the child or children involved are protected. Based in Indianapolis, our attorney is very experienced in guardianship cases.

Some situations where the guardianship of children or the elderly is in question include:

I'm Travis Van Winkle, and I'm an experienced family law attorney who is on the side of my clients to protect them and the loved ones in their life. I handle all guardianship issues with the skill and compassion my clients deserve.

Indiana Guardianship Cases

Choosing the right guardian for a child is a monumental task. Those involved in guardianship cases need a well-versed legal team who can best highlight their case favorably to the court.

Focus on the Future

Legal proceedings involving the rights of children are usually emotional and volatile. We're the right legal team to help lessen the trauma and allow our clients to focus on the future, whatever the outcome of their case.

Our attorneys treat clients with the respect they deserve. We'll carefully examine the details of each case and let our client know their options in clear language so they always have the facts.

At The Law Office of Travis Winkle, we're adept in Indianapolis family law. We always strive to protect the rights of our clients in a variety of guardianship cases, including:

  • Limited guardians
  • Temporary guardians
  • Contested guardianships

We provide fair, affordable legal representation for persons in the Indianapolis area. Call us today at 317-643-2080 for a free consultation regarding guardianship issues.

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