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The signs that it may be time to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Family Law |

Are you in an unhappy marriage? Is your gut telling you something is not right in your marriage? If so, how do you tell when it is time for counseling or a Hamilton County divorce attorney?


First, if you are not happy, it is always time for counseling. Sometimes, it is as simple as learning how to more effectively communicate with each other that can be a game changer for couples. Other times, it can be learning how to argue, be more present in the moment or some other issue. Unless there is some abuse, all couples should explore counseling prior to seeking divorce.

Family or life means something different

Perhaps you are slowly realizing that family or life means something dramatically different from what it means to your spouse. For example, maybe you realize you want kids, but your spouse does not. Perhaps, you want to move out of Indiana, but your spouse never even wants to move out of Hendricks County at all.

Sometimes, people grow apart, but other times, people find that they want very different things out of life. And, in both cases, it may be time to part ways.

Your marriage is affecting your health

If your Marion County marriage is so distressing that it is impacting your mental and physical health, it also may be time to part ways. Stress can be a slow killer.

Have you already tried?

If you have already tried counseling, and there has been no improvement, then it may be time for divorce. Why? Because, if your spouse is not willing to put in the work to help fix the relationship, there is no way you can fix it unilaterally.

The takeaway

For our Indianapolis, Indiana, readers, the primary takeaway for this post is that you do not have to suffer in silence alone. Get help. That can be through counseling, or that can be through an Indianapolis metro area divorce attorney.