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Can we adopt as an Indiana same-sex couple?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Firm News |

Our communities are stronger when all kinds of loving families are respected. Unfortunately, it is all too common these days to hear hateful rhetoric toward the LGBTQ community. You may wonder if Indiana has any restrictions on same-sex married couples or LGBTQ+ individuals who wish to adopt.

Can we adopt as an Indiana same-sex couple?

There are many steps legally to formally complete an adoption in this state. Any married couple can apply to adopt one of the many waiting children in our state.

Indiana residents individually or couples without a legal marriage may also adopt, but there may be additional steps for unmarried couples.

Fortunately, the state process focuses on finding children safe and healthy home environments, not the type of relationship between the parents.

Will I need a lawyer?

The state advises that consulting an attorney for all adoptions to comply with state and federal laws. Indiana requires many consents and procedural steps.

If you are considering adopting an Indiana child, but reside in a different state, a local attorney can be an asset, just as they are an asset for any local.

Final thoughts

It is incredibly important to follow all legal formalities when adopting a child in Indiana. Without consents from, say, a father with established paternity, adoption can be voided as a child must be legally “free” to be adopted.

There are many other child custody and adoption legal issues. Most have nothing to do with the type of relationship between the parents.