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Filing for Bankruptcy in Indiana


Indiana, as with every other state, has its own particular regulations regarding protection of assets for debtors who file for bankruptcy. It's therefore important to be aware of all of the exemptions provided by state law in order to receive the maximum benefits allowed.

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Reasons to File for Chapter 13 Even If You Qualify for Chapter 7


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the branch of bankruptcy people often choose because it offers debt forgiveness; however, this is not the only branch of bankruptcy available. The other branch is Chapter 13, and there are times when Chapter 13 might offer more benefits to people than filing for Chapter 7. Here are some of the reasons you might want to choose Chapter 13.

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How to Be a Dependable Parent During a Custody Case


When you are undergoing a divorce or custody battle, the welfare of your child is likely at the top of your mind. No matter what you are going through emotionally, you know that your child is also going through a lot.

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