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The adoption process and protecting your rights

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Family Law |

The traditional family unit is not the only way to start or expand a family in Indiana and elsewhere. There are various reasons why a couple or an individual may seek to adopt a child. However, no matter what got you to this point, you are likely feeling a host of emotions as you enter this process.

Adoptions can be overwhelming and complicated, making it important that you are fully aware of the process. Legal issues could arise, causing delays or other problems. Thus, understanding your legal rights is imperative when going through the adoption process.

Types of adoptions

As much as it is exciting, adoption is also a complex and emotional process. At Van Winkle Legal, our law firm knows firsthand how long and complicated the adoption process can be. However, our attorneys also understand how rewarding the process can be. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we work diligently to help our clients successfully navigate the process and obtain a favorable outcome.

Not all adoptions are alike and could be initiated for a variety of reasons. Our law firm focuses on open adoptions, contested adoptions and stepchild adoptions.

Moving forward with a stepchild adoption

When one thinks of adoptions, they often think about adopting a baby; however, this is not always the case. A stepchild adoption differs from the other types of adoptions simply because a biological parent is still in the picture.

It should be noted that stepchild adoptions can be legally complex because they are not always pursued without legal hurdles or pushback from the other biological parent. Thus, it is imperative that you are fully aware of this process but also aware of your right to protect and secure your relationship with your spouse’s child.

The adoptions process, no matter the type, is an emotional process. While there can be times of stress, confusion and frustration, there are also times of joy, excitement and appreciation. No matter where you are at in the adoption process, it is important to fully understand not only the steps involved but your rights throughout the process. A legal professional can help you better understand your rights and ensure they are protected.