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Dedicated Chapter 7 Lawyer In Indianapolis

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Medical expenses, unemployment, disability – there are many reasons why good people end up with a load of bad debt. Our clients don’t have to live with the stress caused by mountains of bills or the harassment of relentless debt-collection services hounding them day and night. There is a way out from under the weight of debt, a way that allows our clients to keep their eligible possessions and start over new. If you’re in Indianapolis, our Chapter 7 attorney can help you find a way out.

Chapter 7: Bankruptcy For The Individual

We advise individuals who are considering bankruptcy and may be confused by the different qualifications and regulations concerning each type of bankruptcy, including Chapter 13. We’re the experienced and qualified Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers who explain our clients’ options and ensure that their bankruptcy is dispatched without a hitch. If our client doesn’t qualify for a Chapter 7 or they decide that bankruptcy isn’t the right course of action, we’ll help them obtain a fair settlement that helps get them back on their feet.

Make A New Start By Rebuilding Your Credit

Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives our clients the opportunity to begin again and rebuild their credit and their financial stability. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for individuals seeking to completely discharge certain debts and start over with a relatively clean financial slate.


“I’m Travis Van Winkle, and I won’t let unfair circumstances or poor choices control the lives of my clients. I’ll help them get past the anger and focus on the future. As a skilled Chapter 7 lawyer, I’ll guide and help my clients put their lives back together. We give our clients the knowledge, experience and compassion needed to assist them through this trying time in their lives. Call my office in Indianapolis today at 317-953-2729 for a free consultation.”