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Grandparents’ Visitation Lawyer In Indianapolis

Last updated on August 20, 2020

Personal statement from Travis Van Winkle:

I’m Travis Van Winkle, a knowledgeable Indianapolis-area grandparents’ rights attorney. I know the importance of maintaining family ties, and I want to help you. Often, in a divorce or separation, there’s animosity between the two parties, and the rights of grandparents to establish and keep a bond with their grandchildren are overlooked.

I want to help those who find themselves cut off from their extended family by death, separation or divorce to regain that important connection with their loved ones.
When we represent a client, they can be assured of receiving:

  • The compassion and respect they deserve
  • Attention to every detail of their case
  • An understanding and knowledgeable legal team

A shake-up in the family is tough for all concerned, especially the children. They deserve to have the security and love that a grandparent provides. My firm is experienced, and we work hard to get justice for our clients and their families.

grandmother with lawyer

Fighting For A Grandparent’s Rights

Those needing to establish contact and visitation rights with their grandchildren in the Indianapolis area will find an ally in the team at Van Winkle Legal. We’re dedicated to using our skills and experience in family law to get our clients the most favorable terms possible.

Grandparents have rights, too, and we’ll work hard to protect yours. We offer fast, professional service, with no detail overlooked. With our firm on your side, you’ll never fight alone.

Contact Van Winkle Legal, the Indianapolis family law team. We provide convenient hours and the compassion you deserve. Call us today at 317-953-2729 to schedule an appointment.