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Last updated on February 19, 2021

Financial difficulties can beset anyone, not just people who have poor money management skills. An unexpected illness can put your finances in a tailspin. So can a job loss or a divorce. A scarlet letter does not exist for bankruptcy, which represents a way to get out of your predicament and gain a fresh financial start.

Experienced in bankruptcy law, Van Winkle Legal​ in Indianapolis has the knowledge, understanding and compassion to protect you and let you know that there is hope. You do not have to feel you are collapsing under the weight of debt. Founding attorney Travis Van Winkle has practiced law for more than 15 years and will provide the guidance you need.

Detail-Oriented While Providing Crucial Insight

Mr. Van Winkle and his team will help you understand your debt and bankruptcy options, while also protecting you from illegal and unnecessary harassment from creditors. A couple of bankruptcy options to consider include:

  • Chapter 7: Considered a straight-ahead bankruptcy in which a good portion of your property is sold to repay debt. There is the possibility that you could lose your home or car, but as long as continue to make payments you will not. Mr. Winkle will provide the insight you need.
  • Chapter 13: This is when you reorganize your assets and work with a trustee. You must make court-ordered monthly payments to the trustee, who, in turn, pays off your creditors. As long as you maintain monthly mortgage payments, you will keep your home.

Your goal is to get back on your financial feet and put these difficulties behind you. Mr. Van Winkle understands every detail of bankruptcy law and will make sure to educate you on your legal options so that you will not fall into this predicament again.

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For more than 15 years, clients considering bankruptcy have relied on the knowledge and empathy of Van Winkle Legal in Indianapolis. As a skilled law firm that collaborates and guides you, we want to help you start over financially. For an initial consultation, please fill out this online form or call 317-953-2729.